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Your Total Rewards/Carrier Employee Benefits Portal

Enter Your Total Rewards/Carrier Benefits


  • Use your login credentials at the top of the page to sign on and gain access to your account
  • Lost or forgot your credentials?  Try the User ID and password recovery tools
  • Technical questions?  There’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions that could prove useful
  • Terms, cookies, and privacy info is also posted at


Calling all Carrier employees!  There’s an easy online way to manage your benefits and it’s called Your Total Rewards.  In order to gain access, simply type in your User ID and account password before tapping that big LOG ON button.  As easy as it may be, it’s possible you may get stuck along the way.  If this happens, use the online recovery tools to get you out of the jam.  Here’s how.


Recovering Your Account at

First, click that link located directly beneath the login fields.

Next, you’ll be directed to a new page where you can enter some information to confirm your identity.

Once you’ve entered the required information click the Continue button to recover your User ID or password.

Having problems with the recovery tools?  Click the Help link to bring up a help set of FAQs!


By the way, the User ID and password tools won’t get you too far if you’ve never created an account in the first place.  So if you’re new, click the New User link to begin registration.  Just like when recovering your account, you’ll need to enter information to confirm your identity before setting up your account at Seems like a reasonable request to us!



Carrier Jobs

  • The company is always looking for talented folks in a number of different career fields
  • These career fields include marketing, sales, engineering, manufacturing, finance, and more!
  • Looking to fill out an application?  See what you can find at!
  • This is NOT a dead-end career as Carrier offers continuing education and promotion opportunities



Finally, if the FAQs aren’t of any use, try calling a Carrier benefits representative!  They’re available between 8 AM and 8 PM EST Monday through Friday at 833-222-7236.  As always, good luck!



ATTN Anderson Merchandisers Employees:

Here’s a helpful guide to the My Workday Amerch Benefits Portal




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