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Your Texas Benefits 2016

  • Benefit recipients can access information on the application and screening processes
  • Technical support options are available for users that are having problems finding information

The calendar has turned to 2016 and many Texans are probably wondering what’s going on with their benefits.  It’s a good thing the answer to that question can be found through the Your Texas Benefits 2016 page.  When Texas benefit recipients access this all-encompassing website they should be able to find answers to most questions including information on applying for benefits, finding support services, and viewing cases.

Taking a Closer Look at the Information that Can be Gleaned From Your Texas Benefits 2016

  • Texans will be able to apply for SNAP food benefits, healthcare benefits, cash help for families, medicare savings programs, and long-term care
  • To apply for benefits users will need to login to Your Texas Benefits 2016 (users can save their work as progress is made)
  • Once an application has been submitted applicants will be able to check case status, view Medicaid services, see the benefit amounts, check interview times, and upload files
  • Users will be able to see if they are eligible to receive support services by filling out a screening form after logging in
  • Site users should note that the services are for people who need help with daily living needs, people with mental health issues, and people with drug or alcohol abuse issues

In addition to the application and screening processes users will have access to informative help videos, healthy living recipes, and healthy shopping tips.  Users that still need help finding the answers to their questions after searching the site can browse the extensive Frequently Asked Questions list.  2-1-1 can be dialed for further help if the answers still have not been discovered after browsing the FAQS.

Contact Your Texas Benefits 2016

  • 877-541-7905



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