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Learn How to Pay an X Ray Bill Online

  • Patients can pay their bills online using account info
  • Online contact form is available for those with questions

Anyone who has had the unpleasant experience of a hospital visit can look forward to the even more unpleasant billing process.  The good news is, this often confusing billing process has become a little easier (for those who had x rays taken at their visit at least) thanks to the X Ray bill page.  Patients who are looking to wipe out the x ray portion of their hospital tab can begin the online payment process by entering an account number, zip code, and last name.  Once the required information has been entered users will need to hit the Login button to continue into the X Ray Bill page and complete the payment process.
Fast and easy online bill pay!

A Few Pointers When it comes to Reading an X Ray Bill

  • Physician Group Name & Address – The name and address of the group of doctors who interpreted the x ray results can be found at the upper left corner of the bill
  • Online Payment Option – Users can look to the upper right hand corner of their x ray bill to find the amount owed along with the accepted types of credit cards
  • Account Number – The patient account number needed to make a payment at the X Ray Bill page can be found at the upper right corner under the credit card options
  • Payment Mailing Address – The address where payments can be sent to is located underneath the section where the payment options and account number is located

After making the online payment at the X Ray Bill page users will have the option to take a brief online patient survey regarding their experience at the radiology department.  Those who have questions regarding the payment process can submit an online contact form including a name, phone number, email address, and questions or comments.



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