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Workplace Randstad 

  • New users can register for online account access
  • Users have access to login credential recovery
  • Customer support phone number is available

Those who have already registered for access to the Workplace Randstad portal can begin by entering a username and password into the available fields.  Once the user enters both a username and password they can click the Login button to proceed.  Meanwhile, those who have yet to sign up for online account access can begin by clicking the New User button.  Next the user must fill out an online form to complete the online registration process.  However, 1099 contractors who are affiliated with Randstad should contact their local representative for instructions on how to go about registering for e-tools access (sometimes a helping hand is MUCH appreciated).
One of many Randstad workplaces.

Randstad in the Spotlight

  • Founded in 1960 and has grown to become the world’s 2nd largest HR services provider
  • Randstad provides temporary, temporary-to-hire, and permanent placement services
  • Since its inception Randstad has expanded to 38 countries (a true world-wide footprint!)
  • The company’s footprint represents more than 90% of the global HR services market
  • Manages a workforce more than 100,000 each week in the United States and Canada

By the way, users who are having trouble getting into an account can begin the login credential recovery process by clicking the Forgot User ID/Password? link posted at the bottom of the Workplace Randstad portal.  Once at the recovery page, the user must confirm if they are a customer or employee before proceeding with the reset.

Those in need of technical support can try reviewing the information found under the FAQ link posted above the login fields at the Workplace Randstad portal.  Additionally, users can call the Customer Support Center for help (because sometimes an FAQ list just doesn’t cut it!).

Randstad Customer Support Center Phone Numbers

  • 866-435-7456 (Randstad Professionals or Randstad Technologies)
  • 877-601-7453 (Randstad General Staffing Talent)




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