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Where’s My Suitcase

  • Travelers can go online to find out the status of their delayed baggage
  • Customer service email is available for those who have questions

One of the greatest causes of anxiety when traveling is the possibility of a checked bagged not showing up on the carousel.  Travelers who experience this unfortunate dilemma can now breathe a little easier knowing that the status of their delayed baggage can be tracked with Where’s My Suitcase.  This unique service works with a variety of airlines to track delayed bags through the delivery process from start to finish.  Customers will need to select from a list of participating airlines to get started with tracking a delayed bag.

So how exactly does Where’s My Suitcase work?

  • When a bag is delayed the customer will receive a file reference number from the airline (will be on the delayed baggage report paperwork)
  • Reference numbers will either be a Baggage Delivery Order Number, a Claim Ticket Number, or a Bag Tag Number (all three numbers come in unique formats)
  • Customers who cannot located their reference number should contact their airline baggage agent as the number will be needed to use the service
  • Travelers who would like their baggage held until a certain time can click the Hold My Delivery button to specify a baggage delivery release date
  • Once the reference number is issued it can be used to locate the baggage within the Where’s My Suitcase system

Those who would rather not be bothered with having to sign for baggage delivery can select the Waive Signature option.  Travelers who need further assistance can reach out to customer service via email (travelers should note that emails received after 12:30 AM Eastern Stand Time will be answered the following day after 8 AM Eastern Stand Time).

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