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Where Is Pokemon

  • Pokemon Go players can search for Pokemon
  • Pokemon can be filtered by name and rarity

Most Pokemon Go players would agree that the quest to catch every last one of the little critters isn’t always a piece of cake.  Luckily help is available for those players who sometimes struggle with their monster-finding quest.  This much needed help goes by the name of Where Is Pokemon.  This useful online locator device can assist Pokemon Go players by showing all nearby Pokemon in a certain area.  To search an area players will either need to double click on the map or drag the marker tool to the desired location.  Once a location has been set the area will be scanned for nearby Pokemon.  Players who are a bit choosy can use the Where Is Pokemon device to filter the results by Pokemon name (alphabetical order) and rarity (rarest Pokemon will be listed first).

What else can Where Is Pokemon do for me?

  • Nearby Pokestop – This convenient tool shows players that location of surrounding Pokestops and even provides the exact distance and directions
  • Nearby Gym – By using this feature players can easily locate all surrounding gyms (distance and directions are provided)
  • Nearby Pokemon – The nearest Pokemon are shown with the closest listed first (distance to the Pokemon and life time are provided)
  • The Nearby Pokestop, Nearby Gym, and Nearby Pokemon features can all be turned on and off at the click of a button

Fans of Where Is Pokemon can support the locator map by friending on Facebook, following on Instagram, following on Twitter, and donating with PayPal (links to all are located at the bottom of the map).  Those who have questions or wish to provide feedback can do so by sending a well thought out email.

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