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Wait List Check

  • Users can login to online portal to check the status of their application
  • Recovery assistance is available to users that have forgotten their password

Individuals that have applied for rental assistance can now receive updates on their applications by logging into the Wait List Check portal.  To gain access users will need to enter a User ID and password into the provided login fields and then hit the Sign In button. Prior to signing in to Wait List Check, users will need to confirm that they have applied for rental assistance from a Housing Authority and agree to use the information found within the system only for the purpose of viewing the status of their rental application.  Users that cannot comply with these should not login to Wait List Check.

Having trouble accessing the Wait List Check system?

  • The User ID to be used at sign in will either be the user’s phone number, birth year, or email address
  • Users that created their account with their phone number or email address can start the password reset process by entering their User ID (phone numbers must not include dash marks)
  • The password for users that did not create their own account will be their Social Security Number or a value received from a Housing Authority
  • Password that have been supplied by a Housing Authority will be attached to User IDs that are the user’s year of birth
  • Users that had their password supplied on their application receipt will also have User IDs that are birth years

Users that have registered for access to the Wait List Check system will have their information collected by the sites administrator, HAPPY Software, Inc.  Those that have signed up can rest assured that HAPPY Software will not collect any personal information unless it has been voluntarily provided directly from the user.  The administrator uses information provided by users to better understand agency needs, learn how to improve products and services, and to contact the user.  Wait List Check users that have questions about their privacy can contact HAPPY Software, Inc. by shooting an email over to




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