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Vevo Activate Fire TV

  • Amazon Fire TV device can be activated online
  • Account login is required to complete activation

Any platform popular enough to draw over 21 BILLION views per month likely has a variety of ways to bring content to its viewers.  One way Vevo is providing access to content is through the increasingly sought after Amazon Fire TV devices.  Those who would like to watch their favorite Vevo videos through use of a Fire TV streaming device will first need to complete the online device activation process.  To complete this process users will need to navigate to the Vevo Activate Fire TV page and log into their account.  The login process can be completed by entering an email address or social media account login credentials (Facebook or Google Plus).  Once the login has been completed Amazon Fire TV can be activated for use with Vevo content.

Login Methods Available at the Vevo Activate Fire TV Page

  • Email – A Vevo account email address and password must be entered to login (password recovery link is available)
  • Google Plus – A Google account login screen will appear where an account username and password can be entered
  • Facebook – The Facebook login can be completed by entering an email address or phone number and password

The 21 billion plus views generated by Vevo each month are responsible for an awe-inducing 1,010 MILLION hours worth of user view time.  Vevo currently has 5 United States offices (New York City, San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago) and 2 international offices (Berlin and London).  Those who have general inquiries for the company can try reaching out by email at

Vevo New York Headquarters

  • 4 Times Square, 25th Floor, New York, NY 10036



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