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USPS Add Cheer by Ordering Your Seasonal Stamps!

  • You can choose from many different stamp designs
  • A full description of each stamp is available
  • Help is always a phone call away
  • Begin a secure order online at

It boggles the mind to think about how many envelopes are sent each holiday season.  And for some, it may also boggle the mind to think about sending a card this time of year without a seasonal stamp.  If you’re one of those folks you’ll be glad to learn USPS has your back.

How to Order Seasonal Stamps from USPS Online

Just visit the above address and all of the available stamps will appear

Next, feel free to click on each design for a full description

When you see one you like, select how many you want and add them to your cart

Once your cart is full check out online and wait for your sweet seasonal stamps!

Now that we know how to order the stamps, let’s find out what kind of stamps are available.  Currently you can choose from 13 different stamp designs.  Each of the stamps cost the same amount at $11 per book of 20 with the exception of the global stamp that runs $11.50 for the 20 pack.

USPS Add Cheer Stamps
  • Winter Berries – A breath-taking winter design featuring the majestic juniper berry
  • Holiday Wreath – A golden wreath lies smack dab in the middle of this shiny stamp
  • Sparkling Holidays – Ole’Kris Kringle himself takes the stage in this stamp
  • Christmas Carols – Stamps featuring some of the most iconic Christmas songs
  • Poinsettia – The global stamps shows a big beautiful red poinsettia

But what if I trouble ordering online??

Don’t worry!  You can always call USPS technical service.  They’re available at 800-344-7779 Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 8:30 PM and on Saturdays from 8 AM to 6 PM (all times ET).


Something you could use a holiday stamp for….

Sending in your claim form to the IJL Class Action Settlement!


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