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US Direct Express Check Balance

  • Cardholders can login to check the balance of an account
  • Direct Express prepaid debit card offers a variety of benefits

To put it simply, individuals receiving federal benefits should have a fast and easy way to gain access to important account information.  That is exactly what Direct Express prepaid debit card users get through the card’s online portal.  Benefit recipients who wish to confirm the amount of funds available on a card can go to the US Direct Express Check Balance page and login to their account by entering a User ID.  Cardholders who have yet to sign up for online access can register by competing a simple online form that requires a card number, User ID, security code,  password, Social Security Number (leave out the dashes), zip code, language (English or Spanish), and email address.

Thanks, but what’s so good about the Direct Express prepaid debit card anyways?

  • Cardholders get same day access to their funds as federal benefits are deposited onto their Direct Express prepaid debit card on the day payment is received
  • The card can be used to make purchases and get cash back (at participating merchants there is no fee charged to receive the cash back after a purchase)
  • There will be few places the card is not welcomed at as it can be used anywhere the MasterCard acceptance mark is displayed
  • Places the Direct Express prepaid debit card can be used at include grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and department stores
  • Cardholders can take advantage of the PayPerks rewards program that allows cardholders to earn points for taking tutorials on how to make better financial decisions

Cardholders who do not want to use the internet to complete their US Direct Express check balance can contact customer service as an alternative.  Those who end up contacting customer service can rely on support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

US Direct Express Customer Service

  • 1-888-741-1115 (Toll-Free)
  • 1-765-778-6920 (Collect from outside of the United States)


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