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Getting Started with UPS Alumni 

  • User ID is needed to login
  • Password recovery available
  • Available in many languages

It only stands to reason that a company with a whopping 82,000 international employees should have a portal that can be accessed in a variety of different languages.  With that being said, it’s safe to say that those who need access to the UPS Alumni portal shouldn’t have a hard time finding a preferred language.  After arriving at the online portal users will notice a drop down box located at the bottom left hand side of the page that can be used to select from 17 different languages.  After the desired language has been chosen the portal access process can be completed by entering a User ID along with an account password before tapping the Login button.  Those who are having problems gaining access to the UPS Alumni portal due to a forgotten password can click the Forgot Your Password? link posted under the password entry field.  After clicking the link it will be necessary to enter the User ID associated with the account to begin the password recovery process.

A Fresh Look at UPS

  • The company was founded on August 28th, 1907 and has worldwide headquarters located in Atlanta
  • Daily delivery volume of 18.3 MILLION packages (2.6 million by U.S. air and 2.7 million internationally)
  • Fleet of 104,398 package cars, vans, tractors, and motorcycles (includes 6,845 alternative-fuel autos)
  • Has U.S. air hubs in Louisville, KY; Philadelphia, PA; Dallas, TX; Ontario, CA; Rockford, IL; Columbia, SC
  • Employees approximately 444,000 people worldwide (362,000 in the U.S. and 82,000 internationally)

UPS Alumni users who are having non-password related issues can try clicking the Login Help link for assistance with resolving the issue.  After clicking the link it will be necessary to confirm the user type before proceeding (U.S. Domestic, Canada, Puerto Rico, and retired employees OR international employees with an IGEMS Employee ID).  Those with corporate-related questions for the company can try reaching out to UPS world headquarters.

UPS World Headquarters

  • 55 Glenlake Parkway NE, Atlanta, GA 30328
  • 800-PICK-UPS (800-742-5877)


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