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Unsubscribe My Number

  • Fax number must be entered
  • Detailed instructions provided

Nobody likes to receive an unnecessary fax (and sometimes not even the necessary ones for that matter).  Companies who are tired of watching the old fax machine spit out unwanted correspondence after unwanted correspondence can stop the bombardment once and for all if they have been directed to the Unsubscribe My Number page.  Those who have been directed to the page can get started with the unsubscribing process by entering the company fax number into the blank field posted smack dab in the middle of the page.  It is important to note that the fax number should be entered as a number only and without any added dashes or spaces.

What else should I know if I want to unsubscribe my number?

  • Users should make sure they have proper authorization to unsubscribe a fax number
  • By unsubscribing it is possible that team members may miss out on valued fax alerts
  • The fax numbers that have been entered at the page will be removed within 30 days

After entering the fax number the request to have it unsubscribed can be completed by clicking the I Have Proper Authorization to Unsubscribe Our Company Fax Number button posted at the bottom of the Unsubscribe My Number page.  Those who think twice and decide NOT to unsubscribe a fax number will continue receiving their usual fax alerts.


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