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Ultra Orange SIM Card Activation:  Let’s Go!

  • Customers can activate both Purple and Orange SIM cards
  • Phone activation is available for those without internet access

A phone from Ultra Mobile doesn’t do customers much good if it doesn’t have an active SIM card in place.  That is probably why the company has come up with an easy online SIM card activation process for both the Purple and Orange SIM cards.  Customers can start an SIM activation by going to the Ultra Activate page and selecting either the Orange or Purple card.  Meanwhile, those who do not have an SIM card can purchase one by visiting an Ultra Retailer or by going to the Ultra online store.   Customers should note that they will be given the option to save their existing phone number at a later step in the SIM card activation process.

What’s the difference between the Ultra Orange and Purple SIM cards?

  • Orange SIMs are preloaded with Ultra service and do not require payment while Purple SIM cards require the first month’s payment with a credit card or airtime recharge card
  • Purple SIM card customers can get started with the Ultra activate process by choosing a plan and entering the 19 digit ICCID number listed on the back of their card
  • Customers who have decided to go with an Orange SIM card can get started by entering the 11 digit activation code located on the back upper right corner of the card

Ultra customers who are a bit confounded by the activation process (for either the Purple or Orange SIM card) can utilize the Chat Now option located at the Ultra Activate page.  On the other hand, those who would rather get the job done over the phone can make a call to one of the SIM card activation lines.

Ultra Orange & Purple SIM Activation Phone Numbers

  • Purple SIM Card – 888-850-5977
  • Orange SIM Card – 888-899-0820




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