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How to Manage Your TXU Cash Back Rewards

  • Cardholders must enter a username and password to login
  • New cardholders can register for online account access
  • Access to the system is available in 3 different languages

It’s hard to feel confident while making a purchase with a prepaid card without knowing what’s left on the account (unless you enjoy having your card declined in front of a checkout line full of snickering onlookers).  Fortunately, those who have a TXU Cash Back Loyalty Reward can now avoid this unpleasant situation.  In order to do so, cardholders can manage their account online at the after logging in with a username and password.  Once signed in, cardholders can look up the current balance of a card and take care of other account management needs.

A Brief Review of Wirecard 

  • A top provider of outsourcing and white label solutions for electronic payments
  • Provides services to 34,000 customers across various industries (no small feat!)
  • Entered the North American market by purchasing Citi Prepaid (a HUGE move!)
  • Has nearly 6,000 employees worldwide operating out of 26 different countries
  • Workforce has increased dramatically growing 7 times over from 2009 and 2016
A little cash back can go a LONG way.

Cardholders who need to register a TXU Cash Back Rewards  card for the first time can enter the number shown on the front of the card to begin (it’s to the right of the signature line).  Meanwhile, those who need to manage a different card (always nice to have more than one reward card!) can begin by entering a card number after clicking the Access Another Card link.  Finally, cardholders who prefer to use a language different from the one shown can use the drop down box posted at the top right corner page (English, Spanish, and French are available).

Wirecard AG is publicly traded on the Frankfurt Securities Exchange under ticker symbol WDI.  Those with questions pertaining to Wirecard’s financial performance can try calling the company’s investor relations department.

Wirecard Investor Relations Number

  • +49 (0) 89 4424 1788


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