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TTM BS LLC Online Payments 

  • Account number is needed for online payments
  • Alternative bill payment methods are available
  • Customer service contact information is provided

Perhaps the best places for a bill to be is out of sight, and more importantly, OUT OF MIND (harder said than done).  Those who wish to vanquish a Guthrie medical bill from their thoughts once and for all can now do so through use of the online payment system found at the TTM BS LLC page.  The easy online payment process can be initiated by entering an account number along with a payment amount into the blank fields posted in the middle of the page before clicking the Make Payment button to proceed.  It should be pointed out that acceptable forms of payments include Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or an HSA card (sorry American Express but not this time).  Those in need of a helping hand can file an application for financial relief by going to Guthrie’s homepage and clicking the Financial Assistance link (located under the Patients & Visitors section at the top of the page).

A Look at Guthrie Medical Group

  • The group was founded way back in 1910 by Dr. Donald Guthrie (who else?!)
  • Guthrie is a big time referral center for more than 1,600 physicians (refer away!)
  • Includes 32 regional offices and 4 hospitals in the Twin Tiers region (NY and PA)
  • Each year over 1 MILLION patients are seen by one of the group’s providers
  • The first regional office of Guthrie Medical Group opened in 1977 in Troy, PA

Those who are concerned about how information provided at the TTM BS LLC page may be used can learn more by clicking the Privacy Policy link located beneath the payment entry fields.  Patients who would rather send payment via check or money order can do so by addressing the correspondence to PO Box 1348, Corning, NY 14830.  In person payments can be made by visiting the billing service’s physical location at 88 E. Tioga Ave., Suite 201, Corning, NY 14830 (the experience of face to face closure can be quite refreshing!).  Questions about the online payment process can be addressed by contacting the Twin Tiers Medical Billing Service’s customer service department.

Twin Tiers Medical Billing Services Customer Service

  • 607-654-7814




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