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Trip Advisor Review It!  

  • Reviewers can use search tools to find an establishment
  • Trip Advisor also takes reviews for vacation rentals and airlines
Time for a review?

Vacationers who have had an overly positive or negative experience at a place of business usually want to spread the word about it.  Fortunately, these delighted or dismayed individuals can let everyone know exactly how they feel through the Trip Advisor Review It feature.  In order to get started with a review, users will first need to find the place they are wishing to make the critique of.  Locating a desired establishment can be done by typing the name and city of the location into the online search tool.  Once the reviewer locates the place of interest they can begin the Trip Advisor Review It process by selecting an overall rating (Terrible, Poor, Average, Very Good, Excellent) and typing a review.  By the way, long-winded reviewers may need to tone it down just a bit as the Your Review field can only hold 100 characters.

Getting to Know Trip Advisor 

  • Trip Advisor is the world’s largest travel site operating in 49 different markets across the globe
  • The Trip Advisor branded sites have generated more than 435 million reviews and opinions
  • The company was founded in 2000 and has worldwide headquarters in Needham, Massachusetts
  • Trip Advisor, Inc. is traded on the NASDAQ and also operates websites under 24 other brands

Users who are looking to use the Trip Advisor Review It feature to critique a vacation rental will need to search by the city, owner’s name, or Property ID.  Those who are wishing to write about an airline can begin the review process by typing in its name.  Customers with general inquiries can try reaching Trip Advisor by phone or mail.

Trip Advisor Contact Information

  • 400 1st Avenue, Needham, MA 02494
  • 781-800-5000



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