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Transfer My Stock

  • Shareholders can make an online transfer by logging into Transfer Wizard
  • Both actual account holders can authorized representatives can complete the transfer

Shareholders that have holdings managed through Computershare and are in need of assistance with coordinating a change of name or ownership (a transfer) should find the company’s Transfer Wizard quite convenient.  This easy to use online feature is available for the use of authorized representatives in addition to the actual legal owners of the account.  To begin with transfer process shareholders will need to go directly to the Transfer My Stock page and check a circle to confirm if they are the actual account holder or an authorized representative.

What else do I need to know about the Transfer Wizard and how to transfer my stock?

  • To login to the Transfer Wizard users will need their company name or ticker, social security number or US Tax ID, holder account number, and five digit zip code
  • Authorized representatives will only need the company name or ticker, shareholder account number, and five digit zip code
  • Shareholders that cannot find their account numbers should take a look at their statements and search for a 10 or 11 digit sequence beginning with a letter
  • Accounts that are held by residents outside of the United States are not eligible for Transfer Wizard use
  • Transfer Wizard is currently free of charge (although Computershare does reserve the right to start charging a fee at any time)
  • Shareholder assets will be transferred within 3 business days of Computershare receiving the request (transfers requiring review of legal paperwork may take additional time)
Computershare was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1978 and entered the United States market in 2001 after acquiring Harris Bank.  Since then the company has grown to become the world’s foremost transfer agent and investor services provider with a market value of nearly $6 billion.  To reach Computershare’s United States headquarters investors can write to 250 Royall Street, Canton, MA 02021.

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