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The Audit Stream:  How to Begin

  • Users can enter an Access Code can to begin
  • The code is located within the mail correspondence
  • Users can call or email for help with audit questions
It’s audit time!

It can be hard for an insurance company to know whether or not its customers are being charged the correct premiums.  Perhaps that’s why some are turning to AuditStream for assistance in handling this all important area of business.  Customers who have received mail correspondence directing them to the AuditStream home page can begin the audit process by entering the Access Code shown on the mailing.  Once the Access Code has been entered, the user can tap the Login button to proceed.

Those who are a bit on edge about the fact they are required to complete an audit can take a deep sigh of relief after realizing AuditStream will provide guidance throughout the process.  Additionally, AuditStream will also allow questions to be answered at the pace and convenience of the customer.  Further, it should be noted that the online audit process provided at the AuditStream page is powered by Overland Solutions, INC.

About Overland Solutions, Inc.

  • The company has over 85 years of experience (focused on premium audits and underwriting surveys)
  • Every audit employee completes extensive online, classroom, and on-the-job training (true pros)
  • Clients can receive immediate access to the customer site where they can order and track work
  • Overland Survey has a nationwide network of trained professionals offering a wide array of surveys

Customers (those required to take the online audit) with questions about the AuditStream audit process can trying reaching out to a premium audit specialist by phone or through email correspondence.  Those who enjoy quick responses to their inquiries should be thrilled to learn that the normal response time is less than 2 hours during business hours.  Meanwhile, customers who call or email for assistance after 7 PM Central Time will receive a reply the following business day.

AuditStream Support Contact Information

  • 866-873-4952


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