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Terrell FCRA Settlement

  • Claims can be submitted online, by email, or by mail
  • Frequently Asked Questions are available in notice
  • Questions can be directed to the Claims Administrator

The class action lawsuit titled Julius Terrell v. Costco Wholesale Corporation has recently come to terms in hopes of settling the matter before reaching trial.  The case was filed over claims that the Defendant (that would be Costco) violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when obtaining background reports on those who applied for a job by using a disclosure form that was not in compliance with the law.  However, Costco disputes the allegations brought forth in the suit stating the form in question fully complied with the FCRA.  The question as to who the court would have sided with likely will never be known as the case has come to a pending settlement agreement valued at $2,490,000.  Those who believe they are eligible for a piece of this rather large chunk of change can begin by going to the Terrell FCRA Settlement page and clicking the File a Claim link to initiate the online filing process.

How about some more information before I go and file?

  • Applications must have been submitted from August 10th, 2014 to April 17th, 2017
  • Those who plan on filing a claim must make sure it’s submitted by May 14th, 2018
  • May 14th, 2018 is also the deadline by which exclusions and objections must be filed
  • The decision on whether to approve the settlement is scheduled for June 15th, 2018
  • Those who take no action (make a claim or request an exclusion) will receive nothing

Class Members who plan to file by mail or request an exclusion must make sure correspondence is sent directly to the Claims Administrator and postmarked no later than the previously mentioned deadlines (claims filed via email must also be sent directly to the Claims Administrator).  Many questions about the settlement can be addressed by clicking the FAQ link posted at the top of the Terrell FCRA Settlement page to bring up an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Those who aren’t up to taking a swim through the FAQs can try cutting to the chase and contacting the Claims Administrator for help (no shame in asking for a helping hand every once in a while).

Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 91348, Seattle, WA 98111
  • 833-380-5571


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