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Tell Foodland – Take Survey & Earn 200 Maika’i Points

Tell Foodland Customer Survey


  • Grab your store receipt as you’ll need it to take the survey
  • The survey has a sample image that you can use for guidance
  • An accessibility friendly version of the survey is available
  • Terms available at


One of the biggest perks of being a valued Foodland customer is racking up those Maika’i points. And what better way to do it by taking a super easy customer survey? In order to take the Tell Foodland survey you’ll first need to enter the date and time of your visit.

Once you’ve entered that date and time go ahead and enter your Maika’i number. Finally type in the survey code before hitting the start button to begin.

Let’s face it, digging through your receipt to find the required information isn’t always easy. Especially for those who aren’t great when it comes to reading up close. Fortunately, we’ve added a handy little guide below. Afterall, NOTHING should stand in the way of you and those juicy Maika’i points!



Survey Guide at


Date of Visit – You can find this at the very top of your receipt at the left hand side

Time of Visit – Also located at the top of your receipt right next to the date

Maika’i Number – Look slightly below the date and time and you’ll see it

Survey Code – The code is located at the bottom of the receipt and is 11 digits in length


Again, you can use the accessibility friendly version of the survey. While there’s not a huge difference it can be a little easier for some customers. Just go ahead and click the link located at the top of to load it up.



Tell Foodland Survey Review


Overall this is an extremely easy and effective way to pile up those points. And who doesn’t like that idea? It’s no secret that points can lead to some major savings these days. And hey, every little bit counts! So whether you’re a big spender or casual customer, we love the reward associated with this survey.

In addition to the points coming easy, you can also earn them on a regular basis. Just visit again 8 days from the last time you completed the survey and you’ll be eligible to earn 200 more points! Might as well keep coming back for more! Like they say, if the well is wet go back as much as you can. Afterall, you never know when it will run dry. Hopefully not anytime soon!


Foodland Hawaii Fun Facts


  • The company runs over 30 locations throughout the state of Hawaii
  • Foodland has it’s headquarters in Honolulu
  • Food, Family, Friends & Aloha is the stores slogan


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  1. Joyce Kobayashi Joyce Kobayashi

    Lori cashier for my purchases made sure I understood what happens for my benefit effect today by visiting she was so nice and questions that I asked her she made sure I understood.So here goes survey #1 today.

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