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TBS Activate

  • One of four different devices must be selected to begin
  • The activation code shown on the device will be needed
  • TBS Viewer Relations contact information is available

TBS is now offering its programming on four of the most popular streaming devices currently available on the market.  Much to the delight of Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Android TV owners, the station’s laugh a minute content can now be watched anytime and pretty much anywhere (hard to find a spot on the globe that DOESN’T have internet service these days).  The process of activating a device can be initiated by going to the TBS Activate page and choosing one of the four previously mentioned devices for activation.  Once the desired device has been selected an activation code must be entered into the blank field posted in the middle of the page.  After the activation code has been entered the Submit button can be clicked to forge ahead and complete the device action process.

Stuff to Laugh at Currently From TBS

  • People of Earth – A TBS original about a support group for people who claim they have met aliens
  • The Detour – Saddle in for some serious laughs while watching this family trip inspired comedy
  • Wrecked – A group of plane crash survivors try to survive on a remote island (Lost with laughs??)
  • Bob’s Burgers – A laugh-filled half hour about a guy named Bob trying to keep his business afloat
  • The Cleveland Show – This Family Guy spin-off focuses on the character named Cleveland

TBS is part of the Turner Broadcasting family of networks.  Other well-known television brands that make up the Turner family include (but by no means limited to) HLN, TCM, Cartoon Network, and TNT.  Those with inquiries regarding the programming shown on TBS may want to try sending correspondence out to TBS Viewer Relations at 1010 Techwood Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. TBS Viewer Relations can also be reached by phone or email (perhaps easier than going through the trouble of writing a letter).

TBS Viewer Relations

  • 404-885-0758


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