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TBC Feedback SMG Survey:  How to Begin

  • Customers must enter information from a receipt to begin
  • The survey provides a sample image of a restaurant receipt
  • The Boiling Crab contact email address is available
How was it?

One bite of a juicy crab leg from The Boiling Crab is likely enough to get the average customer talking.  Fortunately, the chain is now able to harness this kind of feedback through its online customer satisfaction survey.  Customers can get started with the TBC Feedback SMG survey by entering information found on the receipt from a recent visit (does not require an invite card like the Tell Foot Locker survey).  Once the customers enters all of the required information, they can click the Start button to begin letting the opinions fly.  By the way, customers who are having trouble finding the required receipt information can try referring to the sample image located at the right hand side of the survey.

A Hungry Glance at The Boiling Crab Menu

  • King Crab Legs – Monster pieces of crab meat that’s easier to get at than regular snow crab
  • Oysters – Not for everybody, but those who like them are sure to be back time and again
  • Fried Catfish Basket – What’s better than a piece of fried catfish?  A BASKET of full them!
  • Hot Wings – Because some folks just don’t like seafood (hard to believe but it’s true)
  • Crawfish – It’s kinda like a mini freshwater lobster (some would argue they taste better)

In addition to the sample image, the TBC Feedback SMG survey also comes with a copy of its Terms & Conditions at the bottom right hand side of the page.  Meanwhile, customers concerned with privacy issues can also look to the bottom right hand side of the page for the survey’s Privacy Policy.

The Boiling Crab opened its first location in 2004 and has since gone on to expand to 19 locations across California, Texas, Nevada, Hawaii, and Florida.  Those with general questions for the chain can trying getting in touch by email correspondence.

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