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Target View Schedule Online

  • Users can login with a Team Member Number or LAN ID
  • First time portal users will receive temporary passwords
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Online employee portals are becoming more and more necessary as most companies become increasingly reliant on internet-based information systems.  Fortunately, they are also getting easier and easier to use.  For instance, Target employees can quickly gain access to work related information through the Target View Schedule portal.  In order to enter, employees will first need to navigate to the portal and enter a Team Member Number or LAN ID along with a password.  Team Member Numbers are 8 digits long and can be found on paychecks or Team Member Discount Cards (they are also the numbers used when accessing time clocks).  Meanwhile, LAN IDs are used when logging into a Target computer and are either in the form of a letter followed by 6 numbers or a group of letters followed by a series of numbers.

Why be a Team Member at Target?

  • The company has identified more than 120 career paths that can be explored by its 300,000 plus team members around the world
  • Each year Target Team Members give hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours to local community projects and organizations
  • The Target review process ensures that leaders regularly meet with team members to discuss strengths and development opportunities
  • New team members will enjoy the support of on-boarding and new hire experience programs that provide preparation for new challenges
  • Team members can provide their opinions on what can be done to improve business at Target through the annual Best Team Survey

First time users will need to login to the Target View Schedule portal using a temporary password.  Employees who need assistance regarding their temporary password can click the link posted at the Target View Schedule portal for online assistance.  Those who have questions for the company can try Target’s corporate inquiry number.

Target Contact Number

  • 612-304-6073



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