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Talk to Boots Hearing Care!  Here’s How

  • Customers can take an online survey regarding an audiologist visit
  • Customers receive entry to a Prize Draw in exchange for the survey
  • The survey provides a copy of the Prize Draw’s Terms & Conditions

For Boots Hearing Care patients, a trip to the ear doc may be very rewarding indeed.  For instance, patients can now take a brief online survey about a recent audiologist visit in exchange for entry to a Prize Draw.  In order to begin the survey, patients must first enter the doctor’s name, date of the visit, and time of the visit.  Once the patient enters all of the required information they can click the Start button to proceed.  Upon successful completion of the survey, the participant will receive an invitation to enter the Prize Draw.

More on the Talk to Boots Hearing Care Survey Prize Draw

  • Whoever wins the Prize Draw will receive a new iPad Mini (insert cash register noise)
  • Employees of Boots ARE NOT eligible to enter the Prize Draw (seems reasonable)
  • Participants can win the prize even if they do not hold an Advantage Card (phew)
  • The winner will receive the iPad Mini through post (what a glorious day that will be!)
  • Only participants who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to win the prize

By the way, prize winners must claim the prize within 28 days of receiving notice.  In the event a winner does not respond, a redraw will take place (much to the delight of those who didn’t win the first draw).  Additionally, the winner may be asked to take part in publicity about the win (it’s not mandatory but why not step into the lime light and bask in the sweet victory!).

Finally, the Prize Draw is only open to residents of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.  Participants are limited to only 1 survey entry per week.

Talk to Boots Hearing Care Survey Prize Draw Promoter

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  • Thane Rd., Nottingham, NG2 3AA


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