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How do I take my school survey?

  • Start by selecting the state which you attend school in
  • You’ll need select your school from the drop down list
  • A password must be entered to launch the survey

Life Track Services, Inc. is now offering a variety online surveys to help schools gain valuable feedback.  In order to begin one of the surveys, you’ll first need to use the drop down list to select your state. Next, simply select you school and enter your password to bring up the survey.

More on Life Services, Inc.

  • The company offers a variety of different survey options
  • Based out of Clarkston, WA (right on the Idaho border)
  • Graduate and athletic surveys are both offered services
  • There’s even surveys available for coaches and parents
  • The company is active on both Facebook and Twitter
  • Does not offer retail surveys such as the Tell Footlocker Survey

If you need to take a step back to a previous section you can click the Back or Home buttons before launching the survey.  Meanwhile, if you have questions for Life Services, Inc. please dial 800-738-6466 for assistance (no worries, the call is toll-free!).

Please note that is where you’ll need to go to begin the survey.  However, more information on Life Track Services, Inc. can be found at the following websites: and  These sites also contain a handy contact form where you can submit questions about the company’s services.  When filling out the form, you’ll need to include your name and email address (the school your’re associated with is an optional field).

Life Track Services, Inc. Address

  • 1271 Port Dr., Clarkston, WA 99403

Ready to take your survey?





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