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Tag Your Wag

  • Licenses can be applied for or renewed
  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate is needed
  • Maricopa County contact number available

Most pet owners likely dread the thought of a 4 legged friend getting lost never to return again.  Residents of Maricopa County, Arizona who agree can prevent this bleak scenario from becoming a reality by making sure their pet is licensed.  Perhaps the easiest way to get this accomplished is by going to the Tag Your Wag page and clicking the New/Renew Tag Four Your Wag link.  The process can be initiated by entering the zip code of residence (whether the owner is applying for a new license or renewing an old one).  After the zip code has been entered things will begin by answering a few questions.  When it comes time to go ahead and pay for the license users will be able to complete the payment process using a Visa, American Express, Discover, or MasterCard (number and expiration date must be entered).

Information Needed with the Rabies Vaccination Certificate

  • Owners name and address along with pet information (name, breed, color, age, etc.)
  • Date the vaccination was administered including its manufacturer and serial/lot number
  • Place where vaccination occurred along with its term or the date re-vaccination is due
  • ID/License number and signature of the Veterinarian who administered the vaccination

Those who own a pet that has been spayed or neutered will need documentation of the sterilization from a veterinarian.  The Rabies Vaccination Certificate can be scanned and submitted during the application process at the Tag Your Wag page.  Pet owners who do not have scanning capabilities can send the certificate in by fax, email, or mail.  Those who wish to speak to someone at the Maricopa County Administration can dial 602-506-3011.

Rabies Vaccination Certificate

  • Mail – PO Box 2959, Phoenix, AZ 85062‑2959
  • Email –
  • Fax – 602-506-0275 (ATTN Wen Licensing)


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