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Tag Mobile Elite

  • Consumers can register online for a free prepaid card from Tag Mobile
  • Cardholders that also use Tag Mobile phone services will receive special benefits

Consumers that don’t the idea of carrying cash everywhere they go and like the idea of a high interest credit card or checking account even less often turn to the trusty old prepaid card. Those that turn to the Tag Mobile Elite Member Visa prepaid card can access their account information online by logging in with a User ID and password.  Once logged in cardholders will be able to take advantage of account management features such as adding cash to their card, enrolling in direct deposit, and viewing their account profile.

Is the Tag Mobile Elite Member Visa prepaid card right for me?

  • Cardholders will likely appreciate benefits like no credit check, no over draft, no minimum balance, no fee to add money, and no fee to spend
  • Registered cardholders can keep track of their account information with free text message and email alerts on purchases, deposits, and balance information
  • Tag Mobile Elite Member Visa prepaid cardholders have the ability to pay rent, utilities, and other bills online where Visa cards are accepted
  • Cardholders can use their card at ATMs for cash withdrawals and will be charged ZERO fees on credit or debit purchases in the United States

Consumers that have decided to move forward can activate the card for free at the Tag Mobile Elite page.  Those who are also Tag Mobile phone users will receive 100 free bonus minutes on their phone account every month the prepaid card is loaded with at least $10. Users that enroll for Direct Deposit will have their monthly maintenance fee waived for each 30 day period the card is loaded with at least $500 (through Direct Deposit).

Activation Phone Number

  • 800-384-1010


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