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T-Mobile Tuesdays Banner

  • Customers can participate to win prizes and receive gifts
  • Users can enter through app or designated webpage
  • A list of the prize winners is available for review

There are plenty of ways to thank customers for their continued business.  However, one would need to search wide and wide to find a better way for a company to express its gratitude than by rewarding customers with recurring gifts and chances to win prizes every week.  To the delight of many customers, that is exactly what T-mobile is offering through T-Mobile Tuesdays.  Those wishing to participate in the weekly fun can go directly to the T-Mobile Tuesdays banner page to enter.

I like what I’m hearing so far but let’s get some more information first.

  • Customers who own a T-Mobile branded monthly rate plan and are at least 18 years old will be eligible to participate (customers in Puerto Rico must be at least 21)
  • All lines that are considered to be in active status are eligible (including consumer, business, post-paid and prepaid plans)
  • Customers who have received a recurring gift can redeem it online at the T-Mobile Tuesdays banner page by clicking on the Redeem button
  • Non-customers are still eligible to participate for a chance to win prizes (only T-mobile customers will be able to win free gifts each week)

Curious participants who would like to know exactly who won all the prizes can send a request for the Winners List to P.O. Box 1561, Chicago, IL 60690 (for prizes with value that exceeds $600).  Visual learners looking to get a better handle on how the promotion works can utilize the informative video posted online at the promotion site.  Those who are having problems redeeming a gift or prize through the T-Mobile Tuesdays banner page can call T-Mobile customer care for help.

T-Mobile Customer Care

  • 877-453-1304



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