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T-Mobile Promotions

  • Users can see if they qualify by entering account information
  • Customer support is available for help with promotions

A lucrative promotion is something most consumers are more than happy to stumble across. Consumers who have chosen T-Mobile as their cell phone carrier don’t have to stumble across anything to find out if they qualify for a promotion thanks to the T-Mobile Promotions page.  To check promotion eligibility customers will need to enter their T-Mobile phone number, T-Mobile account PIN, and the Promotional Code.  Once all of the required information has been entered at the T-Mobile Promotions page, customers will need to click the Search button to continue (customers will also have to check a box to prove they are not a good for nothing robot).

What else do I need to learn about T-Mobile promotions?

  • Customers who are not on a qualifying rate plan may switch to an eligible plan and submit their reward card immediately after the plan upgrade
  • Those who are transferring a phone number from another carrier do not have to worry about any delays as reward card validation does not take any extra time due to a transfer
  • Customers who are in need of a receipt copy can either return to the store where the purchase was made or use a printed online confirmation page
  • Not all rewards can be claimed online as some offers require that customers mail in supporting documentation (for some offers documentation can be uploaded)

Customers who have no clue what their T-Mobile PIN is can enter the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number instead (business customers can enter the last 4 digits of their Tax ID numbers). It should be noted that not all offers have Promotional Codes.  Customers that do not have a Promotional Code can leave the corresponding field blank on the T-Mobile promotions page.

T-Mobile Promotions Customer Care

  • 1-877-470-3619 (7 AM to 7 PM Central Time Monday through Friday)




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