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SuperValu Star 401k

  • Login to 401k account with a Social Security Number, Employee ID, or Username
  • Recovery help is available for plan members that have forgotten their password

Investors that have a SuperValu Star 401k account can gain online access by going to the plan’s webpage and logging in with either a Social Security Number, Employee ID, or a Username.  To complete the login process investors will need to type in their passwords and hit the Enter button (investors can opt to have their credentials remembered by checking a box during the login). Users that have forgotten their passwords can start the retrieval process by entering their preferred login method (Social Security Number, Employee ID, or Username) and date of birth.

Some of the Finer Details About the SuperValu Star 401k

  • Investors using the retirement plan can save anywhere from 1% to 50% of their pay
  • SuperValu Star 401k investors will not have to worry about tedious manual contributions as all are automatically deducted from their paychecks
  • Contributors will save on a pretax basis meaning less will come out of their paychecks as no taxes will be paid until a withdrawal is made
  • Some employees may be eligible to receive a match of a predetermined fixed or discretionary amount as decided by their company
  • Investors in the SuperValu Star 401k plan will have the options of easy-to-invest, pre-mixed portfolios, or create your own portfolios

The SuperValue Star 401k plan is brought to investors by Voya Financial, Inc.  The company is heavily focused on helping Americans get ready for retirement, serving nearly 4.5 million individual retirement plan investors.  Investors with questions concerning their plan can speak to a Customer Service Associate weekdays from 7 am to 8 pm Central Standard Time by dialing 888-782-7088. Investors with simple to solve issues can bypass the live representative and taking advantage of the automated menu that provides general account information, allows for account transactions, and processes information requests. Spanish investors will not be left out in the cold as the service line offers Spanish-speaking Customer Service Associates.  Customers that are deaf or hard of hearing should dial 866-620-4902.


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