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Sundance Now Code Activation

  • You’re gonna need your email address to begin the activation
  • In addition to your email you’ll need your account password
  • An activation code will be needed as well
  • Account login also available at

Ready for some Sundance Channel?  If so, you’re gonna need a code (if you want to watch it online at the drop of a hat, that is).  So if you’re ready to stream, let’s get the ball rolling!  Once you’ve received your Sundance Now device activation code, enter it into the field at the bottom of the page.  In addition to the code, you’ll also need to enter your email address (the field at the very top) and your password (field in the middle).

Get all that information entered?  Great!  Now hit that Activate Your Device button to begin streaming.

So what will YOU stream?  Don’t know?  Here’s some options!

Must watch content after activating your device at

Being Human – There’s nothing human about this cast of characters who happen to be a vampire, werewolf, and a ghost (wait, where’s the mummy??).

The Red Shadows – A riveting French mystery that is sure to have you hanging by the edge of your seat!

The Restaurant – A Swedish series that takes the viewer back to 1945 and the end of WWII (step aside Downton Abbey!).

Cheat – A seemingly simple cheating scheme turns into something that’s MUCH more complex.

Liar – Poor guy doesn;t know what’s about to hit him!  1 season is currently available to stream.

The Gulf – Say hello to a fresh (and often quite thrilling) EXCLUSIVE Sundance Channel series.

Need more options?  Click the Series link at the top of the Sundance Now activation page to check out a complete listing of what;s available.  In addition to series, you can also check out some high-quality movies by clicking the Films link (also located at the top of the page).


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