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  • Use Start My Quote to get the best price on auto insurance, life insurance, and health insurance
  • Rates through Start My Quote can be obtained either online or by phone by calling 866-957-4580
  • Start My Quote is not an insurance provider and does not make any decisions about rates or coverage

With the Start my Quote website, customers can search multiple providers to get the very best rates on auto insurance, health insurance, and life insurance.

To begin the auto insurance quote process from “Start My Quote,” users will just need to enter their ZIP Code. Start My Quote lets customers save up to 50% on car insurance by getting quotes from multiple providers. Auto coverage can be had for as low as $9 a week, and even includes safe driver discounts.

Start My Quote Footnotes

  • With health insurance, customers who shop with Start My Quote can get the very best pricing, even better than healthcare exchange pricing
  • By getting health insurance through this website, customers can avoid government penalties for not having insurance
  • Special subsidies to help pay for the insurance are available to people who qualify
  • Health insurance rates from Start My Quote can be obtained both online and by phone
  • Individual health insurance plans and family group health plans are available
  • Start My Quote customer service can be reached at 11693 San Vicente Blvd #486 Los Angeles, CA, 90049 or

Life insurance from Start My Quote provides for the chance to protect your family’s future and save money doing it by comparing multiple providers at once. $250,000 in life insurance coverage can be had for as little at $15 a month, and college funds and savings accounts are available.

Completion of information with Start My Quote doesn’t guarantee coverage, because Start My Quote is not an actual insurance provider and doesn’t make any decisions regarding rates or potential coverage.

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