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Start Home Delivery

  • Members can login to manage their benefits
  • New users will need to create an account
  • Customer service phone number is available

Convenience of doing business is becoming one of the most sought after characteristics in modern-day corporate america.  Express Scripts seems to have knocked it out of the park in this all important area thanks to its customer friendly prescription ordering process.  Those who have their prescription benefits managed by Express Scripts can now order medicine through the Start Home Delivery portal in a matter of minutes.  To get started using the online service, customers will need to set up an account by entering a name, date of birth, username, password, password hint, and email address.  Prior to completing the Start Home Delivery registration form users will need to provide their pharmacy benefit information (either Member ID Number or Social Security Number).  Once registered members we be able to easily order or refill their prescriptions from home or on the go.

A Little Bit of Information Regarding Express Scripts

  • The company is a prescription benefit plan provider that handles millions of prescriptions every year through home delivery and the Express Scripts Pharmacy
  • Members include those who have benefits through their employer, health plan, or Medicare Part D (plan members may receive a separate Express Scripts ID card)
  • Express Scripts members who have home delivery services covered by their plan can have up to a 90 day supply of prescriptions delivered right to their door step

Tricare beneficiaries will need to complete the Tricare mail order activation process instead of registering through the Start Home Delivery portal.  Those who have already registered for access to the portal can login with a username and password.  Customers who need further assistance can reach patient customer service by dialing the number shown on the back of their prescription ID card.

Express Scripts Customer Service

  • 800-282-2881


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