www.startemmi.com – Enter Access Code to Your Emmi Program

Start Emmi Program:  Here’s How

  • Users will need an access code to begin a program
  • The system is available in both English and Spanish
  • User support is available by phone and through email

Nowadays almost everything is easier done online.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to watching something (streaming services, YouTube, etc.).  For example, patients who are looking to begin an Emmi program can now do so over the web (as long as recent version of the Adobe Flash Player has been downloaded).  In order to begin the process of watching a program, users must first go to the Start Emmi page.  Once at the page, the user can enter their 11 digit access code along with a date of birth.  After logging in, the user can watch the program and print out a summary (might as well have something tangible that can be used for future reference).

Sometimes the easiest way to learn is online!

Thank you but what on earth is an Emmi program??

  • An online tools that helps patients understand complex medical information (much-needed)
  • Makes sense of medical issues by the use of conversational language (the way it should be)
  • A combination of voice, animation, and text helps to address a variety learning styles
  • Offers patients continued guidance after being released from care (ongoing support)
  • Emmi programs work with most mobile devices (smart phone and tablets are welcome!)

It should be pointed out that those who have yet to install the required software may be asked to do so (simple instructions to complete the download are provided).  Additionally, it’s worth noting that it’s the patient’s responsibility to follow-up on any questions sent along to a healthcare provider (the providers are not be able to send email responses).

By the way, those who would rather gain access to an Emmi program in Spanish can do so by clicking the Español link posted beneath the login fields at the Start Emmi page (something not provided at Member Benefits Online).  Further, users can click the Help link to review an incredibly detailed Frequently Asked Questions list.  Meanwhile, those who don’t find what they looking for in the FAQs can try reaching out to customer support at 888-294-3664.  Support can also be reached by sending an email to support@emmisolutions.com (sometimes the best inquiries are the ones that are well thought out and put in writing).  Finally, Business-related inquiries for Emmi Solutions’ can be directed to the company’s corporate offices in Chicago, IL.

Emmi Solutions Corporate Address

  • 300 W Adams St #1200, Chicago, IL 60606