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Sprint Verify

  • Customers must enter a Sprint phone number to begin
  • Eligibility proof can be faxed, emailed, or uploaded

Many consumers have no trouble making the decision to sign up with Sprint after hearing about its extensive coverage map, its affordable Unlimited Plan, and its award-winning customer service. However, those who are still teetering on the fence may want to take notice of the generous Sprint Discount Program.  Customers who have signed up for Sprint and are part of a company, university, or organization can see if they qualify for the program by going to the Sprint Verify page and entering their phone number. Once a phone number is entered customers will be able to apply for a new discount and check discount status.

Proof of Eligibility for the Sprint Discount Program

Sprint Proof of Eligibility Fax Numbers

  • 913-523-1987
  • 877-687-8211 (toll-free)



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