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Spectrum Merger

  • Customers can learn more about the merger and search services for television, internet, and phone
  • Offers can be searched under Charter Spectrum, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks

When three industry behemoths merge to form a new company there is often some confusion kicked up during the monumental process.  Customers that are caught in the middle of the Charter Spectrum, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks merger should look to the Spectrum Merger page as a safety net.  Through this new merger site customers will learn that the three companies will continue to offer their current services to customers pending forthcoming changes over the coming months.  Customers or potential customers that need to find which provider will be servicing their area can complete a search from the Spectrum Merger page using a street address and a zip code.

Some Quick Answers Regarding the Spectrum Merger

  • Pricing and packaging for services offered by Spectrum will remain the same as it was before the companies merged (customers will be notified of any changes in the future)
  • Customers can continue to pay their bills by mail, phone, retail store, online, and automated the same way they have in the past
  • Going forward customers can continue to use the same website and login information to manage their accounts online
  • The new name of the combined companies of Charter Spectrum, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks will be Spectrum

Customers that are looking to shop for current offers after the Spectrum Merger will need to verify if they are residential, small business, or enterprise customers.  Once the segment is verified, customers can search for the best offers in their area by entering a street address and zip code.  Customers that are in need of support can continue to rely on the same support phone number as they did prior to the merger.

Spectrum Merger Support Numbers

  • Charter Spectrum: (888) 438-2427
  • Former Time Warner Cable: (800) 892-4357
  • Former Bright House Networks: (855) 222-0102



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