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Sonny’s BBQ Pork Vote

  • Customers can vote for pulled or sliced pork
  • Completion of brief online form is necessary

Most level-headed individuals would agree that slow-smoked pork is pretty much all-around awesome. What many people may disagree on is which style of slow-smoked pork is the most delicious.  Those who want to make their voice heard in this debate can do so by going to the Sonny’s BBQ Pork Vote page and casting a vote for either pulled or sliced pork.  Voters can accomplish this seemingly easy task by clicking on the preferred style of pork and entering a first name, last name, email address, zip code, date of birth, and preferred Sonny’s location. Overeager voters will need to show a bit of self restraint as only one vote per email address is allowed.

Other Mouth-Watering Menu Items Available at Sonny’s

  • Beef Brisket – A hearty portion of tender brisket that come with a choice of 2 sides and garlic bread OR homemade cornbread
  • Half Chicken – An entire half chicken (leg, thigh, breast, and wing) slow-smoked to a perfect combination of tender and juicy
  • Ribs – The the king of all pork servings is available in a variety of styles and has an extremely tough time staying on the bone
  • Sonny’s Sampler – Tour the menu and try the smoked pork, beef brisket, BBQ chicken, and ribs (House Dry or Sweet & Smoky)

Customers that are interested in receiving offers, updates, and rewards can opt to sign up for the “Q Crew” prior to submitting their vote at the Sonny’s BBQ Pork Vote page.  Those who vote for the style of pork that gets the most votes will win a FREE pork sandwich.  Customers who have questions for the BBQ chain can try contacting Sonny’s BBQ headquarters.

Sonny’s BBQ Headquarters

  • 201 N New York Ave, 3rd Floor, Winter Park, FL 32789
  • 407-660-8888



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