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SoFi Summer Savings 12

  • Borrowers can enter their reservation number to find a rate
  • A simple online application can be completed to move forward

Summer is the season to kick back and enjoy the easy living.  One way to make living a bit easier is by unburdening the  pressure of a high interest loan.  With the SoFi Summer Savings 12 offer customers can score a personal loan with either a fixed rate starting at 5.95% or a variable rate starting at just 4.75% (both rates assume Auto Pay registration).  With these alarmingly low rates customers can save thousands by paying off a high interest debt.  If paying off high interest debt isn’t a concern customers can use the personal loan on something more exciting such as a major purchase.  To see what kind of rate can be secured through the SoFi Summer Savings 12 offer customers will need to enter their reservation number and hit the Find My Rate button.  Customers should note that checking for a rate will have no affect on their credit score.

So far so good but what else can SoFi do for me?

  • Customers that decide to move forward with a loan from SoFi will not have to worry about annoying pre-payment penalties or pesky origination fees
  • In the event that a borrower loses a job SoFi will not only pause the loan repayment but also go as far as to assist in the new job search
  • Borrowers can received up to $100,000 with a personal loan from SoFi as compared to a maximum of $40,000 with lending club and $30,000 with discover personal loans
  • Interest rates on variable loans through SoFi are capped at an Annual Percentage Rate of 14.95%
  • Customers will enjoy a simple online application process and have access to customer support 7 days a week

To qualify for the SoFi Summer Savings 12 offer borrowers must be United States citizens or permanents resident in an eligible state and meet the the company’s underwriting requirements.  Those with further questions about SoFi personal loan can reach out to customer support.

SoFi Customer Support

  • 1-855-456-7634 (Monday through Thursday 7 AM to 8 PM Pacific Time and Friday through Sunday 7 AM to 4 PM Pacific Time)



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