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Sirius XM TCPA Settlement

  • Class members can file claim or apply for free service
  • Deadlines for claim filings and exclusions apply

Since its inception in 1991 a great number of lawsuits have been filed over claimed violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.  One of these lawsuits has recently come to a settlement agreement for a remarkable $35 million.  Hooker v. Sirius XM Radio was filed as a result of claims that Sirius XM allegedly made calls to cell phone numbers using an automatic dialing system between February 15th, 2008 and July 5th, 2016.  Sirius denies the allegations but has come to a settlement with the plaintiffs.  The settlement provides Class Members the option of either 3 free months of Sirius XM service or a pro-rata cash payment from the $35 million Settlement Fund.  Class Members who wish to make a claim for either option will need to go to the Sirius XM TCPA Settlement page to proceed.

A Run Down of the Important Information Regarding the Hooker v. Sirius XM Radio Settlement

  • Those who wish to submit a claim through the Sirius XM TCPA Settlement page will need to do so before the online claim filing deadline of November 26th, 2016
  • Class Members who don’t want any part of the settlement can opt to exclude themselves by writing to the Settlement Administrator (must be post marked by November 25th, 2016)
  • Those who do not like the settlement can write an objection to the court explaining why (written objection must be received by the deadline of November 7th, 2016)
  • Class Members who sit around and do nothing will not receive any of the available benefits and will give up any rights they may have to sue Sirius XM regarding the claims resolved by the settlement

Class Members who opt to either take the free Sirius XM service or claim a piece of the $35 million settlement can do so by following the links provided at the Sirius XM TCPA Settlement page.  Those who wish to retain their rights to file their own lawsuit will want to move forward with the exclusion option.

Sirius XM TCPA Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 4349, Portland, OR 97208-4349
  • 1-888-509-2570



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