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SHIP TA Center

  • Medicare recipients can receive contact information for their State Health Insurance Assistance Program
  • State Health Insurance Assistance Program representatives can login and register

Recipients that are in need of assistance with the Medicare process should be relieved to discover that local help is a phone call or click away at their State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP).  To receive the needed help, Medicare recipients will need to go directly to the SHIP TA (Technical Assistance) Center page and select their state of residence from the provided drop-down box.  Once the state is selected users will receive the SHIP TA Center contact phone number and website to utilize as they see fit.

State Health Insurance Assistance Program Representative Access to SHIP TA Center

  • SHIP representatives that are already registered can login online by clicking the SHIP Login button and then entering an email address and password
  • Representatives that have not yet registered will need to click the Submit Request to be a Registered User button and complete an online registration form
  • Online Registration form will require representatives to enter their role, first name, last name, password, phone number, city, state, organization, and reason for request
  • Representatives will need to complete a CAPTCHA at the end of the registration process to prove they are not some low-down robot
  • Users that have already completed the registration process but have forgotten their passwords can take a deep sigh of relief and simply enter an email address to start the retrieval process
In addition to the state-specific contact information, the SHIP TA Center page can provide Medicare recipients with valuable information such as informative videos, out-of-pocket costs help, and links to other Medicare resources.  To contact the SHIP TA Center directly users can call 877-839-2675 or send an email to


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