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SF Live Well

  • Participants can register for wellness program online
  • Returning users can sign in with Login ID and password

In a culture that has gone so far off the rails when it comes to healthy living, many companies are realizing one of the most important benefits they can provide are programs that promote a healthier life style.  Employees of State Farm can take a step closer to their health goals by signing up for an account at the SF Live Well page.  To begin the registration process, participants will need to confirm if they are an employee, an agent, an employee of agent, a dependent over 18 years old, a spouse, a retiree younger than 65 years old, or a COBRA subscriber (participants will first need to click the Get Started Now button posted at the SF Live Well page).

Areas of Focus for State Farm Live Well Participants

  • Reach a Health Weight – Participants will set a weight loss objective and receive an action plan to assist in meeting and sustaining their goal
  • Be More Active – Those who focus on this area will set an achievable goal and receive the support needed to make sure it is met
  • Feel Less Stress – Participants will be provided the tools and support needed to help them meet their stress management goals
  • Tobacco Free – Those who are ready to quit smoking will receive support based on the nation’s leading tobacco cessation program Quit for Life
  • Improve Your Diet – A simple goal can be set to get participants started down the path to healthier eating

Employees who have already registered at the SF Live Well page can access their accounts by signing in with a Login ID and password.  Those who prefer an expedited login process can opt to check the Remember Me box to be remembered on their computer for future use. Participants who have further questions regarding the program can contact the Service Desk from 8 AM to 11 PM Eastern time Monday through Friday and 9 am to 6 PM Eastern Time on Saturday.

SF Live Well Service Desk

  • 877-719-9004



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