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The the competitive world of business there is no excuse for companies not to know exactly what kind of talent they are working with.  One way talent can be gauged is through a SHL Talent Measurement from CEB.  Administrators who need to access the SHL Talent Measurement portal can do so by going to the Select 2 Perform page and entering a Company Code, username, and password.  Those who require access to a session can will need to enter an Entry Code before hitting the Log In button.  Before logging in users will be able to choose a language (English, French Canadian, and Spanish) from the drop down box located at the top right corner of the Select 2 Perform page.

Some Impressive Accolades Bestowed Upon CEB

  • In May of 2015 CEB landed on the Forbes 100 list of Innovative Growth Companies for the 2nd consecutive year (was also named a Top Graduate Employer in Australia in 2015)
  • CEB made the Washington Business Journal’s list of top 50 fastest growing companies in the Washington DC area (ranked number 36 in October 2014)
  • The company was awarded the Recruitment Technology Innovation of the Year Award at the 2014 Recruitment Awards in the United Kingdom
  • Spark Chicago recognized CEB as Corporate Champion of the Year in 2014 (CEB also ranked number 47 on the Forbes 100 Innovative Growth Companies list in 2014)
  • In the United Kingdom in May of 2014 CEB won the 2013 General Supplier of the Year Award (by AT&T) along with the 2014 Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative Award

Administrators who are having problems gaining access to the SHL Talent Measurement portal can utilize the links posted at the Select 2 Perform page to regain their login credentials (links are located beneath the login fields).   Those who have direct inquiries for CEB can contact the company’s headquarters located in Arlington, VA.

CEB Headquarters

  • 1919 North Lynn Street, Arlington,VA 22209
  • Phone – 571-303-3000
  • Facsimile – 571-303-3100



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