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Sea World FACTA Class Action

  • Claim filing available online or by mail
  • Important dates apply to the settlement
  • Administrator contact info is available

Consumers tend to get a little nervous when it comes to the sharing of credit or debit card information.  When such information is printed out in plain view on a receipt, nervousness can quickly morph into outright hysteria.  A class action lawsuit titled Diaz et al v Sea World Entertainment Inc et al has recently come to settlement terms to resolve allegations that Sea World violated the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act by printing out receipts showing the expiration dates of the credit and/or debit cards used by its customers.  However, it is important to clarify that Sea World disputes the allegations brought forth in the suit and denies liability.  At this point it doesn’t seem to matter who would have come out on top at trial as both parties have agreed to settle the matter to avoid the risks costs associated with drawing the case out any further.  Those who believe they are owed payment from the settlement can get started with the filing process online at the Sea World FACTA Class Action page.

Wading Through a “Sea” of Information Regarding the Settlement

  • The receipts must have been received between March 28th, 2013 and April 1st, 2017
  • The deadline by which exclusion requests and claims must be filed is March 6th, 2018
  • A hearing to determine the fairness of the settlement will be held on March 29th, 2018
  • Class Members who do not take action will receive NADA and give up the rights to sue
  • Objections must be made by March 6th, 2018 (remain in but do a little bit of griping)

Class Members who received an SIMID with the email or postcard they received can enter it into the Sea World FACTA Class Action page to pull up their information and begin the filing (personalization is always appreciated).  Those who did not receive an SIMID can click the Claim link posted at the top of the page to begin.  Those who plan on filing a claim by mail will need to make sure the correspondence is sent directly to the Settlement Administrator.  The Settlement Administrator can also be contacted by those with questions regarding the settlement (when in doubt ask a question or two!).

Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • PO Box 26170, Santa Ana, CA 92799
  • 888-427-9239



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