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School Calls TCPA Settlement

  • Claims must be submitted through mail or online by filing deadline
  • Settlement Administrator can be reached by phone or mail

It’s becoming more and more common to catch wind of an alleged violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).  Valladares v. Blackboard Connect Inc. and Blackboard Inc. is one of the latest class action lawsuits containing TCPA violation allegations that has recently settled.  The settlement resolves the lawsuit without the expense, delay, and uncertainties of litigation and is not an admission of wrongdoing by Blackboard (Blackboard denies it violated the TCPA or any similar laws).  Class members who believe they are eligible for compensation can file a claim by hopping online and going to the School Calls TCPA Settlement page.

Making Sense of All the Legal Stuff

  • The lawsuit’s Settlement Class includes any individual or entity who received non-emergency calls or texts sent using Blackboard Equipment between December 22nd, 2010 and September 1st, 2016
  • In order to be part of the Settlement Class individuals or entities must not have consented to the non-emergency calls or texts (or must have previously withdrawn consent)
  • Those who accept the settlement may fill out a Proof of Claim Form at the School Calls TCPA Settlement page (forms must be completed by November 21st, 2016)
  • Class Members who do not like the settlement and wish to retain their rights to sue must submit an exclusion request by November 21st, 2016 (can be done online or by mail)

Those who do not wish to submit their Proof of Claim Form or exclusion request at the School Calls TCPA Settlement page can send the required documents to the Settlement Administrator by mail.  Class Members who have further questions about any part of the settlement process can contact the Settlement Administrator directly by phone.

School Calls TCPA Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 2838, Portland, OR 97208-2838
  • 888-849-1312



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