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Sam’s Club Mom

  • Offer holds a total value of $175
  • Registration can be completed online

Most moms have likely considered a membership with Sam’s Club at one time or another. These same moms may be compelled to turn their consideration into action after learning about the exclusive Sam’s Club Mom offer.  Mothers can now receive the added incentives of a free $20 e-gift card along with an additional $155 worth of exclusive savings when they finally take the plunge and sign up for a Sam’s Club membership.  Redemption of this slick offer can be completed by going to the Sam’s Club Moms page and clicking the Join Now button to be directed to the card selection page.  Once at the selection page customers will need to choose which card they wish to sign up for before proceeding (Sam’s Plus Card, Sam’s Savings Card, Sam’s Business Card).  It should be noted that Puerto Rico customers will not have access to online registration and instead will have to go to their local store to register.

The $20 e-gift card is easy enough to grasp but how about some examples of these exclusive savings?

  • The Sam’s Club Mom offer provides $30 savings on Alice 3-in-1 Crib and Grace 3-Drawer changers (every day price of $340)
  • Exclusive savings of $20 can be realized on Safety First Ever-Fit 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seats (limit of one item for the offer)
  • $30 dollars can be knocked off AFG Lia 3-in-1 Convertible Cribs with 260-Coil Mattresses (everyday price of $399)
  • A variety of lesser exclusive savings (anywhere from $2.50 to $8) can be had on many other mom-related Sam’s Club items

Moms can pretty much rule out any potential for buyer’s remorse after hearing how a membership with Sam’s Club provides free online shipping every day on wipes, diapers, formula and other baby care essentials.  Those who have questions about membership or any other customer-related issues can pick up the telephone and call the Sam’s Club customer service line.

Sam’s Club Customer Service

  • 888-746-7726


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