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Sam’s Club Cash Rewards

  • Members can earn Cash Rewards when making eligible purchases
  • Rewards can be redeemed for cash or can be used as a credit

Most Sam’s Club members would agree the savings realized at each shopping experience should be enough to remain a loyal member without any added incentive.  Incentive, however, is just what the store’s Plus Members will get with the Sam’s Club Cash Rewards program.  This generous program allows Plus Members to amass Cash Rewards on qualifying purchases at the store which are then loaded to the member’s account at the end of each membership year.  At the end of the year the Sam’s Club Cash Rewards will become available for members to redeem for cash or credit.

This seems like a no-brainer…….is there anything I’m missing here?

  • Sam’s Club Plus Members will earn $10 in Cash Rewards for every $500 spent on qualifying pre-tax purchases made during the membership year
  • Members will not be able to go too crazy as the amount of Cash Rewards that can be earned per 12-month period is capped at $500
  • Sam’s Club Cash Rewards are loaded onto member accounts around 2 months before the end of the membership year
  • Members that have saved up $2,000 in Cash Rewards better start spending as no more can be earned until the account falls below the $2,000 Maximum Balance
  • A few of the items that Cash Rewards are not earned on include milk, postage stamps, service plans, fuel, and auctions

Members that do not renew their store membership will have approximately 1 year to cash in their rewards at a Sam’s Club location.  For Sam’s Club Cash Rewards or other store-related questions customers can dial up the store’s customer service line.

Customer Service

  • 888-746-7726




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