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RPG Gift Cards Check Card

  • Cardholders can enter card number to check balance
  • Over the phone balance check is also available

In the age of the internet it’s hard to find a good reason why a simple task like checking the balance of a gift card cannot be done online instead of over the phone.  Shell Gift Card owners who prefer to stay off the phone as much as possible will not be disappointed with the easy online balance check procedure offered by RPG Card Services.  To get started, cardholders will need to enter the 16 digit card number found on the back of their gift card (can be entered into the blank field provided at the RPG Gift Cards Check Card page).  Once the number has been entered (needs to be entered without spaces) users can hit the Check Card Balance button to confirm the amount of their remaining funds.

Anything else I need to know about my Shell Gift Card?

  • Shell Gift Cards do not require activation as they are activated by the Shell employee at the time of purchase (cards can be used immediately to purchase gas, car washes, or convenience store items)
  • The gift cards can be used to pay at the pump or in the store (those who choose to pay at the pump should make sure they authorize a purchase equal to or less than their card balance)
  • Cardholders who lose or misplace their cards do not have to worry about identity theft issues as Shell Gift Cards do not contain credit card or personal information
  • Customers who make a purchase that exceeds the balance of the gift card can pay the remaining amount owed on the purchase by alternative means

Shell Gift Cards can be purchased using any payment method accepted at the Shell retail location.  Those who would rather check the card balance by means other than the internet can contact RPG Card Services directly by phone or email.

Shell RPG Gift Cards Check Card Phone Number and Email

  • 855-743-5505



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