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Roblox Game Card

  • Roblox users can sign into their accounts to use Game Card
  • New users will need to register for an account prior to using card

Online gaming has grown to become a booming industry that lays claim to gamers from all over the globe.  There is a good chance that a healthy number of these gamers have received a Game Card for Roblox.  Those who wish to redeem their Roblox Game Card will need to go online and login to Roblox with a username and password.  Roblox members who also have Facebook can opt to complete the login process through use of their Facebook account (link provided under login fields).  Gamers who have yet to sign up for Roblox can do so by completing an online form that requires a username, password, date of birth, and gender.

So what exactly is Roblox?

  • With over 15 million user created online games Roblox is the world’s largest user generated online gaming platform
  • Gamers can access Roblox through mobile devices, computers, Xbox, and Oculus Rift
  • Each month an astounding 15 million users come to Roblox to create and play online games
  • Roblox captures 210 million hours of user attention each month (more than Pinterest, Reddit, or Wikipedia)
  • Roblox hosts over 500,000 users at peak times and draws 7 million new members each month
  • 700,000 game creators power the platform (with over 100 elite creators making substantial revenue)

Gamers who want to sample the goods before diving in can play in guest mode by clicking the Play as Guest button.  Those who have lost their Roblox username or password can begin recovery process by clicking the Forgot your password? link provided on the Roblox Game Card page.


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