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Road 2 Rewards

  • Username and password are needed to enter
  • Trouble shooting guide is available for review
  • Support available over the phone or by email

One of the most important aspects of an online portal is the amount of support available to its users.  It’s safe to say that Road 2 Rewards portal users will all the support they need and then some.  Those who are encountering a problem or issue when using the portal can begin by clicking the View Our Troubleshooting Guide link to bring up a list of Frequently asked Questions and potential problems that users often run into.  The guide covers a variety of topics from how to download certain software (Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, and Firefox) to what to do if a password is lost or forgotten (always good to know EXACTLY what to do when this all to often occurrence takes place).  Once the needed information has been found the Return to Login Page button can be clicked to go back to the access screen where a username and account password can be entered to complete the login process.

Getting to Know Zurich

  • Origins date way back to 1872 when the Zurich is incorporated as a marine reinsurer
  • The company is a multi-line insurer that serves markets both locally as well as globally
  • Employs over 50,000 employees throughout 210 different countries (what a footprint!)
  • In 2016 the company hauled in an awe-inducing $4.5 billion of business operating profit
  • Offers products such as car, home, auto, and general liability insurance (run the gamut!)

It should be pointed out that all passwords used to access the Road 2 Rewards portal are case-sensitive.  Users who receive a message stating there was an error with the login should check to make sure the username and password are both entered correctly (when in doubt check and check again).  Those who are still getting the error message after double-checking their login credentials should contact the program’s headquarters for further assistance.

Road 2 Rewards Program Headquarters

  • 888-597-8267


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