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Rewarding Excellence Card

  • Cardholders can login to their accounts online with a user name and password
  • Username and password recovery options are available for cardholders that have lost or forgotten their login credentials

Users of the Rewarding Excellence Card can now access their accounts online by entering their username and password into the provided login fields and then hitting the Submit button. Cardholders that have lost or forgotten their login credentials can take a deep sigh of relief as both the username and password can be recovered.  To recover a username an email address will need to be entered (email address will need to match the one provided when opening the account) for the information to be forwarded to.  Cardholders that have lost or forgotten their password will need to enter their username to start the password recovery process.

Can I trust my private information with the Rewarding Excellence Card?

  • The program will not sell, rent, or transfer participant information to any outside party under any circumstances
  • Third party vendors that are involved with the program are bound by contract to hold all information as secure and private
  • When cardholders are asked for confidential account information a secure session will first be established using Secure Socket Layer
  • The program will never use cookies to store personal information (passwords or credit card numbers) nor can the information we store in the cookie ever be read by any other site
  • Passwords should not be shared with others and should be changed every 30 days or whenever a password compromise is suspected

Cardholders that have further questions about their Rewarding Excellence Card can pick up the phone and dial 888-887-6192 to reach the program headquarters Monday through Friday 9AM to 9PM Easter Standard Time.  To contact the program by email cardholders can write to  Cardholders that would like to make contact the old-fashioned way can send a letter over to Program Award Headquarters 4600 Westown Parkway West Des Moines, IA 50266-6700.


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